Video: Natural Stranger Unplugged and Up Close

Natural Stranger posses a 90's grunge nostalgia and familiarity – yet their sound deviates into something original and different.  Based in Brooklyn, the band has released two EPs. Their first, "Summer So Far" expresses the excitement of moving to New York and warm nights, while their latest release "Talk About Our Demons As Friends" explores the dark camaraderie we have with our inner demons. 

I met Natural Stranger at a Jewish Temple somewhere in Park Slope to talk about their journey in the New York music scene and to play a few unplugged songs. 

They embody the melting pot that is New York. Bass player, Jino Arielly, came to New York from Israel, Ernest Hampson, vox and guitar, lived in Germany from ages 12 to 15. Joseph T Paz on drums came from a long string of musicians and guitarist, Kevin "Sully" Sullivan came from New Haven. They met working at the same music store about a year ago and found a shared love for music. Together they have a solid and defined sound that's somewhere in between the angsty cool of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the melodic temperance of Bright Eyes. 

"The attitude that everyone brings to this band is very positive, people are just really easygoing with things," Arielly said. "So nobody is like in other person we all give our space to each other. There's not a lot of ego."

Listen to their latest EP below: