Sound in the Static Podcast Episode 1 / Wicked Witches

Sound in the Static asked Toronto band, Wicked Witches to record themselves answering a few questions at a bar over a couple of beers. Hear them talk about their latest release Digging Ditches, getting inspiration from dull rusty knives and the music scene in Canada.

Listen to Wicked Witches - Digging Ditches released September 22:

Video: Natural Stranger Unplugged and Up Close

Natural Stranger posses a 90's grunge nostalgia and familiarity – yet their sound deviates into something original and different.  Based in Brooklyn, the band has released two EPs. Their first, "Summer So Far" expresses the excitement of moving to New York and warm nights, while their latest release "Talk About Our Demons As Friends" explores the dark camaraderie we have with our inner demons. 

I met Natural Stranger at a Jewish Temple somewhere in Park Slope to talk about their journey in the New York music scene and to play a few unplugged songs. 

They embody the melting pot that is New York. Bass player, Jino Arielly, came to New York from Israel, Ernest Hampson, vox and guitar, lived in Germany from ages 12 to 15. Joseph T Paz on drums came from a long string of musicians and guitarist, Kevin "Sully" Sullivan came from New Haven. They met working at the same music store about a year ago and found a shared love for music. Together they have a solid and defined sound that's somewhere in between the angsty cool of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the melodic temperance of Bright Eyes. 

"The attitude that everyone brings to this band is very positive, people are just really easygoing with things," Arielly said. "So nobody is like in other person we all give our space to each other. There's not a lot of ego."

Listen to their latest EP below:

Interview: Ghost Punch on puke-rock, pizza and new album “Mass Sext”

One fateful night on the way to a roller rink, three friends came together to form puke-rock band, Ghost Punch. Located in Brooklyn, NY, Kate Bennis (vox, guitar, bass), Adam Taylor (drums) or as he likes to call himself, “Teaze” and Sarah Rogers (vox, guitar, bass) find the happy-medium between vomit and art museums.

How did Ghost Punch start? 

Adam: You guys asked if I wanted to be in a band and I said yeah.  

Kate: Yeah, but you had a ghost tattoo, that was the best part.

Sarah: We were on our way to the roller rink at the Salvation Army and we propositioned Adam to join our escapades.

K: Yup.

A: It’s true. 

K: And then Sarah and I were practicing in my room at my old house called Shredstuy. And we would play there and no one cared because it was a house full of boys and we could be as loud as we wanted to be. There were eight boys. 

A: Just boys being boys. 

S: It was like Real World but way grosser. 

K: It was smelly, we had a cat and then we had an Adam, who’s basically a cat. 

Where did the name come from? 

K: Well, so I was at a show that a friend was having at this place, this small venue. And there was an ambient noise person playing and I wasn’t into it and I was like man, I kind of want to punch myself in the head over and over. And then I started thinking about ghost punches and how funny they were. Because ghost punches are when you take a photo when you’re shaking your face and it looks like a ghost is punching you. And then my friend came back down after playing and I was like, ‘I thought of a good band name, Ghost Punch.’ And he was like, ‘That’s already taken.’ But then it wasn’t.  

S: Let it be written. 

How would you describe your sound and inspirations? 

K: Foghat. 

S: We’re described as puke-rock. That copyright is Kate Bennis. And it keeps getting published so we’re running with it. 

K: We had our first review, and they called us puke-rock after we put it on our Bandcamp page and it keeps coming up every time we play a show so I guess that’s how we would describe ourselves. 

A: I’m pretty down with throwing up, so.

K: Yeah, a side note, Adam threw up on me one time. Well, Adam drank a bunch of Mad Dog at a show in Cleveland that we played and then...

A: It was my first mad dog.

S: Baby’s first mad dog. 

K: What flavor was it? 

A: The red kind? Red-flavored...Red drank. 

S: So, Adam puked all over Kate’s lap.

K: And then he told me that Metallica ruled and then he threw up all over my dress and then my friend drew a ghost on his face. And then we went to the art museum with my parents. 

A: it was just magical. 

What are you working on now? 

S: We’re working on a full length album that will probably be called “Mass Sext” and we hope to have it done by the end of summer and we’re also doing a split with a band called Splat. And it’s going to be sick as fuck. 

K: And they’re from Cleveland and they’re similar in puke-rock. Adam is also in another band called Mega Pig.

What’s the biggest challenge? 

A: Alcoholism.

S: Let’s go with that. 

K: Yeah, we also have a lot of feelings. 

S: Mostly feelings.

K: Sometimes when you eat a whole pizza, you can’t eat it at once cuz you’re too full. 

S: Puke rock is like that. 

K: Or when you wake up next to a half eaten taco, and you’re like ‘I thought I ate you last night’ and then you have to eat it again. 

A: That’s called breakfast in bed.

Your 80’s Movie Idol? 

A: I wasn’t born in the 80’s.

S: Oh my god. 

K: Awe, baby.

A; I’m 12 years old.

K: I guess mine would be Molly Ringwald in “Pretty in Pink” 

S: That’s a good one. Mine might be Ferris Bueller. I don’t know. He’s an inspiration for all. 

Favorite pizza topping combos?

A: Shit, that is a loaded question. 

K: That’s a really personal question. 

S: I don’t really discriminate man, I like all the toppings. 

A: Sausage onions and peppers. 

K: I like olives, olives the most. And if you can make a face with the olives, then extra points to you my friend. 

S: I’m a fan of jalapeños on pizza. 

Least favorite music genre?

 K: We don’t discriminate. I love new metal. If there’s one thing about me..

A: Least favorite, Kate. 

K: Oh, hmm. My least favorite song right now is “Brooklyn Girls.” 

S: Yeah whatever genre that is. 

A: That’s bad.

S: That’s the worst genre. 

Guilty pleasure song? 

S: Probably “Slowride” by Foghat, but I also don’t feel bad about it. 

A: Who sings that song, “Fast Car?” 

S: That would be Tracy Chatman’s “Fast Car.”

A: I thought Tracy Chatman was a dude. 

S: She might be. 

K: Mine would be the song by a woman in the 90’s named Inoj, and it’s like “At night I think of you, I want to be your dirty baby.” That’s how it goes, “If your game is on, give me a call boo” I don’t know the rest. 

Ghost Punch is playing next Aug 25 at Palisades in Brooklyn. Like them on Facebook or download their music on Bandcamp