Review: Spooky Action Space Captain, "Go To Bed, Crumpleton"

Chicago jangle, math rock band, Spooky Action Space Captain have been on my radar for some time. Their sensationally catchy "Not My House" has had me screaming at my windshield since it's January 2014 release. So I have to admit my mention of the band is severely delayed. 

They are lyrical and melody craftsmen, fitting honest and simplistic lines with inventive but easily listenable guitar pieces. Their song "Go To Bed, Crumpleton" off a four-way split between Pride And Ego Down, SRVVLST and Tir Ashleen on Tightwolf Records is no exception. Groggy vocals grow into flourishing guitar lines. Then spinning drums transition into thoughtful screams. 

It's complexity shrouded in an air of lackadaisical excitement. And get excited for more, below is a teaser to their upcoming song: