Video Premiere: John June Year, "Hollywood"

John June Year are a lot like their music video for "Hollywood" they're premiering on Sound in the Static today. It begins somewhere in a two-dimensional world, or an impossibly foggy concert where only silhouettes are discernable. It's sophisticated and cool, but you're just dying to know who's behind the screen. 

The Iowa band (Greg Heysinger, vox and guitar; Colin Sullivan, guitar; Kyle Talbot, keys and vox; Parker Wolfe, drums and Cory Talbot, bass and vox) might try to be honest-to-God rock, but they come out with something irresistibly catchy and frankly, pop. But good pop. If you took a step back from TV On The Radio towards the Red Hot Chili Peppers, that's about where John June Year stand in the musical spectrum. 

Directed by Bruce James Bales and produced by Greg Heysinger, Jason Reed and Bruce James Bales, the video comes after the release of their  Pop Sucker EP released in December.

Simple, clean and intriguing –– there's no hiding from the hooks of John June Year. 

Introducing: Various Eggs

When I came across art-rock, Virginia duo, Various Eggs, I was having one of those soul-sucking, horrifyingly melodramatic and supremely unmotivated days. 

And then the moment I started listening, I felt a change in me. Like the snap at the end of "Interstitial #1" from their EP Don't Expect Much From Others, it cracked my emotional spine back into place. 

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Review: Spooky Action Space Captain, "Go To Bed, Crumpleton"

Chicago jangle, math rock band, Spooky Action Space Captain have been on my radar for some time. Their sensationally catchy "Not My House" has had me screaming at my windshield since it's January 2014 release. So I have to admit my mention of the band is severely delayed. 

They are lyrical and melody craftsmen, fitting honest and simplistic lines with inventive but easily listenable guitar pieces. Their song "Go To Bed, Crumpleton" off a four-way split between Pride And Ego Down, SRVVLST and Tir Ashleen on Tightwolf Records is no exception. Groggy vocals grow into flourishing guitar lines. Then spinning drums transition into thoughtful screams. 

It's complexity shrouded in an air of lackadaisical excitement. And get excited for more, below is a teaser to their upcoming song: 

January Playlist

It starts with the cool electronic soul of FYFE and creeps into Cineplexx's Argentinian disco. A splash of garage rock and a lot of international artists this playlist breaks borders and bursts a part genre molds. Get into it. 

Honorable Mentions

"Everything Is Everything" / Gabriel Garzón-Montano

This is what happens when you mix funky vocals, incredible bass and soul. It's perfect. 

"Te Quiero" / Cineplexx

Just skip to this song if you want to pull some shapes. 

"River" / Ibeyi

It's more than afrobeat, it's cleansing for the soul. That's all you need to know. 

October SnS Playlist

A lot of things about October are spooky: the crisp wind, ominous clouds and your roommate wearing a horse mask to answer the door. What's even spookier, is how much great music was put out in the last month. New tracks by Sunboy, Baths, Wampire and Of Montreal. 

Honorable Mentions: 

Sinkane - New Name

It's soulful but so innovative. It's about that infatuation you have when you meet someone new. Learning a new name is hard, but you just have to when they're so cute. 

Made In Heights - Ghosts

More irresistible melodies and lilting vocals from Made In Heights. Finally we can stop playing "Vices" on repeat and instead have this one on. 

Wampire - The Amazing Heart Attack

Wampire just released their full length album, and it's great for getting motivated to slack off. 

August Sound in the Static Playlist

The August SnS playlist features new music from Speedy Ortiz, Sunboy, Wampire and hidden gems from Montreal band, The Backhomes, Capgun Coup from Omaha and Cool Sounds from Australia. A unique flair comes from each town, but the songs reside on a similar lazy, late summer wavelength. 

Slip into a cool summer night or a steaming hot afternoon with new electronic, rock, jangle pop and whatever else they're calling it these days.

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Capgun Coup - Twist and Shout
  • Esta. - Lexo
  • Wyatt - Attention

June SnS Playlist

June brings music festivals, thunderstorms and new releases. Sound in the Static has put together a playlist to accompany you on your long road trips, nights around a fire or to simply catch you up to speed on all the latest hits from Avi Buffalo, Sharon Van Etten, Sylvan Esso and Andrew Bird or to find new favorites like Phox, Bedroom and Ratking. 

May SnS Playlist

It's not quite summer, but it's definitely not winter anymore. Spring is a time for change, and ditching your jackets. It's also the time of year heading into the summer festival circuit that artists release new music. 

Featuring new sounds by Baths, Real Estate, Tobacco, Sharon Van Etten and Jamie XX, this playlist will accompany getting work done, or the soundtrack to a BBQ. 

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