October SnS Playlist

A lot of things about October are spooky: the crisp wind, ominous clouds and your roommate wearing a horse mask to answer the door. What's even spookier, is how much great music was put out in the last month. New tracks by Sunboy, Baths, Wampire and Of Montreal. 

Honorable Mentions: 

Sinkane - New Name

It's soulful but so innovative. It's about that infatuation you have when you meet someone new. Learning a new name is hard, but you just have to when they're so cute. 

Made In Heights - Ghosts

More irresistible melodies and lilting vocals from Made In Heights. Finally we can stop playing "Vices" on repeat and instead have this one on. 

Wampire - The Amazing Heart Attack

Wampire just released their full length album, and it's great for getting motivated to slack off.