Video Premiere: John June Year, "Hollywood"

John June Year are a lot like their music video for "Hollywood" they're premiering on Sound in the Static today. It begins somewhere in a two-dimensional world, or an impossibly foggy concert where only silhouettes are discernable. It's sophisticated and cool, but you're just dying to know who's behind the screen. 

The Iowa band (Greg Heysinger, vox and guitar; Colin Sullivan, guitar; Kyle Talbot, keys and vox; Parker Wolfe, drums and Cory Talbot, bass and vox) might try to be honest-to-God rock, but they come out with something irresistibly catchy and frankly, pop. But good pop. If you took a step back from TV On The Radio towards the Red Hot Chili Peppers, that's about where John June Year stand in the musical spectrum. 

Directed by Bruce James Bales and produced by Greg Heysinger, Jason Reed and Bruce James Bales, the video comes after the release of their  Pop Sucker EP released in December.

Simple, clean and intriguing –– there's no hiding from the hooks of John June Year.