March Playlist

Music should embody your surroundings, how you want to feel about things. Music can control your outlook. This winter has been fearsome, and March is the time to coddle yourself whether your cold season is continuing or not. 

Sleepy pop songs, melodic rock and gentle beats will ease the chilling winds and give a mild reminder that spring is on the way. New music from Colorado bands, Marti & the Dads and Panther Martin and some sultry minimalist electronic from SALFUMÁN. 

Honorable Mentions / Free Downloads

Fatoumata Diawara - "Alama" (Daniel Zuur Remix)

Daniel Zuur takes a beautiful Malian piece of music and creates it fast-walking friendly. 

H O A X - "Wrong"

This electronic, jazz-fusion love child from H O A X is anything but wrong. Watch out, it gets pretty sexy. 

SALFUMÁN - Antisinte

Spanish beats with a barely-there melody underneath create a calm tropical haven.