September Sound in the Static Playlist

Fall means death to the old. Forget what you know, and discover new sounds from better known acts like Ty Segall, Foxygen, Alt-J and Karen O and more underground bands like Spring King, Savage Sister and Sleep Over.  

Honorable Mentions: 

Body Cheetah - Than You Should Know

I'm so thankful for 90's grunge meets electronic. It's like grinding to Nirvana, but feeling like it's absolutely what you should do because of Body Cheetah's beat. 

Slow Magic - Waited For You 

Slow Magic has this way of pulling emotions out from the depths with electronic beats and synth. Maybe it's that minor key, or the thoughtful synth melodies? Be sure to listen to the full new album here. 

CRUISR - All Over 

There's something unbelievably catchy about this song. It kind of reminds me of pop-punk that I would jam in my car in high school, but there's something new and edgy about it too.