September 15 Playlist

I always start my monthly playlist descriptions with mentioning the weather...I think it's important to mark changes and celebrate each month a little differently, even if it just means listening to a new playlist. But since the weather here in New York hasn't changed much from the blistering heat of August, I have no intention of drawing comparisons between the "coming fall breeze" and new tracks from Foals. Instead, this month it seems music has returned to its golden age of the mid '00s. New Beach House, Neon Indian, Vanessa Carlton (!?), Small Black, and did I mention Foals? 

My favorite artists have returned, but that doesn't take away from my new favorites like Body Cheetah, PETIT BISCUIT, and my new favorite–Adam Finchler. Who knows, maybe this month you'll find a new favorite of your own. 

Honorable Mentions

Adam Finchler - "I Love The Woods"

The Rebel Light - "Strangers"

Mount Dreams - "Home (ft. Anthony)"