Introducing: Various Eggs

When I came across art-rock, Virginia duo, Various Eggs, I was having one of those soul-sucking, horrifyingly melodramatic and supremely unmotivated days. 

And then the moment I started listening, I felt a change in me. Like the snap at the end of "Interstitial #1" from their EP Don't Expect Much From Others, it cracked my emotional spine back into place. 

The droning bass, the pseudo-theatrical and monotone vocals, the ripping guitar -- it just works. Various Eggs have a brooding, deep, dark emotive quality that when paralleled by honest and no-frill lyrics are transportive. 

"Disposing of 'The Need'" rolls back and forth in gripping harmonies and splashes in muddy puddles of riveting drum beats. It ends in a light drizzle of barely-there guitar and a feeling of taking out filthy trash that's been rotting in your kitchen for weeks. 

It ends with the traveling, hopeful beat of "I Wish The Best For You." But it leaves with an unfinished sprawling guitar. A kind of warning of impending doom that you might be better prepared for after listening to Don't Expect Much From Others. 

Watch their music video for new song "Don't Call Me Honey"