I'd Recommend...Four Hip-Hop Tracks

So I don't always listen to hip-hop. But when I do, I like to listen to good hip-hop. I've been getting some really great recommendations lately so I thought I would share them. 

Don Perrion - Lost In Chicago (feat Yung Duda G) 

Don Perrion is an independent artist from Chicago, which is pretty obvious by the track title. But what's not obvious about Perrion's music is the storytelling in his lyrics. "Lost In Chicago" comments on violence on the streets of his hometown, and it's delivered passionately and silky-smooth with the voice of Yung Duda G. Produced by Billionaire Boyscout (Frank Ocean's "Her"), the track has an air of skillful, grounded production. 

Kendrick Lamar - i

The first track off of his sophomore album, "i" is perfectly funky, easy and cool. This is something that could be playing in some kid's earphones walking down the street or an uptown cocktail party. Kendrick Lamar's voice slays me every time. 

Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment - Wonderful Everday: Arthur 

90's kids rejoice, cry, hug – Chance The Rapper has covered the theme song to your favorite animated show about an aardvark, Arthur. He's created a whole new level of this song. The theme used to be about getting excited for school but Chance makes it about being seriously ecstatic about loving life. It's a topic that needs to be rejoiced more in hip-hop music, hell, in music in general). 

Tamara Bubble - Just Say No

Alright, I'm not a fan of this music video. At all. But there's something about Tamara Bubble's voice that I can't help but keep replaying this song. It's kind of a mix between Ciara and Patti Austin.