February Playlist

For such a short month, this is a huge playlist. 57 tracks that begin in grounded psych-rock and drift toward otherworldly electronic. New music from José González, Pizza Time and Waxahatchee. And some fresh new sounds from Doorbells and Her Habits. 

Tons of these songs are free downloads, below are just a few that I can't get off repeat:

Honorable Mentions: 

"Pot Luck" / Anti-Corn LeagueLike if Buddy Holly smoked weed and drank 40's. 

"Ambitions" / Doorbells: If Future Islands were a little more dream-gaze. 

"Windows" / Gosh Pith: A little hip-hop, a little Sting? Trust me, it's contagious. 

"Giants" / Pet Cemetery: Good old fashioned sad rock. 

"27 - 25 Blues" / The Black Tambourines: Sludgy surf rock. Perfect for an underwater psychedelic party with mermaids.