December Sound In The Static Playlist

This month's playlist is all about female singers, synth with a sprinkling of jazz and hip-hop. It's something you could listen to with the family over the holiday's, or escaping your family and driving around your hometown with old friends turned acquaintances. Plus, there's a good number of downloadable songs for the plane, subway or wifi hole in your road trip home. 

New music from King Tuff, Made In Heights and a whole lot of music that you didn't know you needed until it got cold.  

Honorable Mentions: 

"Eat With Them Pigs Boy" - Gurls

You know what was missing in your life? Nordic, minimalistic jazz pop. Just listen to it, you'll get it. 

"Candour" - Oceaán

If synths got any smoother, they just wouldn't exist. The silky vocals and entrancing melody keep this track fresh and irresistible. 

"All We Do" - Oh Wonder

It happens to everyone, the winter melancholy feeling. Now you have a song that can embody that. Oh Wonder gives you permission to dwell for a little bit.