I'm Obsessed | Brandon Locher, "Medium Frequency"

It starts with a wavering tone, then a few small beeps, purrs, and rhythmic bubbles make their way to the surface. "Medium Frequency" spirals through different ambient textures, colliding with electronic pulses and finally, abruptly wakes from a dream that will haunt the rest of the day. None of these sounds are quite recognizable–one of the features of Brandon Locher's music (and visual art for that matter) that makes it so fascinating. This single is complex, equal parts uplifting and perplexing. String flourishes offer happy thoughts while deep tones leave just enough room for interpretation. Locher, a multimedia artist and one-half of Stage Hands, has a knack for making mind-warping ambient gems and painfully precise drawings that evoke a sense of storytelling. Even the cover art for this single feels like it has an otherworldly anecdote ready to spill. 

"Medium Frequency" is a taste of "what's to come" from Locher's solo endeavor. I'm not holding my breath for a full length...but I'm definitely saving space in my record collection.