Sonic Spotlight: Turnip King Prefer 285 Kent And Tim & Eric

Photo By: Timothy Murray

Photo By: Timothy Murray

Between the tenderly twee vocals and fuzzed out precious guitars...

Turnip King adds up to be a noise rock, shoe-gaze band from Sea Cliff, NY. Together since high school, the vegetable royalty talks about developing their sound, crazy concerts and the New York music scene. 

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Mix together the drugged-out dance of Cherub, the melodic synths of Justice and the sky-high, silky voice of Baths and you'll end up with the indie-pop stew of VERSKOTZI. 

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Album Premiere: The Jeanies & Podcast 'Sitting Bitch With Bailey' Ep. 1

The Jeanies self-titled debut album produced on analog cassette equipment releases December 19 via King Pizza Records. 

30 years of influences ranging from doo-wop, boogie and R&B create their music’s shimmering jangle that has the power of '80s Brill Building pop. The Jeanies’ sound shines light on dark corners of DIY basement shows everywhere in Brooklyn.

PLUS premiere of podcast 'Sitting Bitch With Bailey' captures a moment of transportation with musicians. In short...I sit in between musicians in a car and go somewhere. Episode 1 features The Jeanies.

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Video: Bodega Bay Unplugged And Up Close

Brooklyn band, Bodega Bay is not surf rock. It might be punk, art rock or garage rock but definitely not surf rock.

They invited SnS to their decorated practice residency Nola, Darling in Manhattan to talk about five hour rock operas, embracing chaos and perform "Brancusi Brainwash Birds." 

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French band, Mozermilk, call themselves experimental, post-rock. I call it CONSCIOUS music. 

The album transitions from calm, almost spiritual melodies into club, ecstasy beats. Then it sits somewhere in between. It could play at an underground nightclub or out of earbuds walking down the street. Versatility is something Mozermilk has. It's not particularly accessible but I don't think that's the goal. 

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Artist to Watch: Cassorla, king of collaboration

Courtesy of the artist

Courtesy of the artist

Ben Cassorla has toured with Ben Riley, DawesWashed Out and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Now he wants to play his own music and include everyone else in the process.

Ben spoke with me over the phone during a tour opening for Blitzen Trapper with his own band, Cassorla about starting as a jazz musician, a red Stratocaster and NY vs. LA. 

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Savage Sister release video for upcoming LP "Speechless"

Savage Sister release new video for upcoming winter release Speechless, featuring new song "Cocoon."

It looks like a thin layer of sparkling Play-Doh was overlaid on top movies of fire, toilet paper flowing in the wind, Brigitte Bardot lookalikes and is that grape jelly? 

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Live Review: Tobacco, Atlas Sound and Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks at Webster Hall 10-4-14

Trip-rock monoliths Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks, Tobacco and Atlas Sound played a visceral and heady show at the NYC Downtown Fest at Webster Hall Saturday night. 

There was a surprising lack of attendance for the brilliant side-projects from Deerhunter, Black Moth Super Rainbow and Animal Collective.

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Sound in the Static Podcast Episode 1  / Wicked Witches 

SnS asked Toronto band, Wicked Witches to record themselves answering a few questions at a bar over a few beers.

Hear them talk about their latest release Digging Ditches, getting inspiration from dull rusty knives and the music scene in Canada.

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Video: Natural Stranger Unplugged and Up Close

Natural Stranger posses a 90's grunge nostalgia and familiarity – yet their sound deviates into something original and different.  

At a temple in Park Slope, Brooklyn Natural Stranger play an acoustic set.

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I'd Recommend...Four Hip-Hop Tracks

Chance The Rapper at Hovefestivalen 2014 (Photo By  Rashid Akrim )

Chance The Rapper at Hovefestivalen 2014 (Photo By Rashid Akrim)

I don't always listen to hip-hop, but when I do it has to be good.

Listen to four new tracks, two of them downloadable for free. Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper and a few newbies. 

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Interview: Victoria psych-pop duo, The Backhomes talk on the way to Montreal Psych Fest

The Backhomes are Kees Dekker and Aimée Drimmelen (Photo By Sara Hembree)  

The Backhomes are Kees Dekker and Aimée Drimmelen (Photo By Sara Hembree)  

Listening to Victoria psych-pop duo, The Backhomes, gives you the sense of floating on top of heavy reverb, synths and neo-psychedelia.

Their sound is heavy and dense enough to fill a pool, but it's liquid and light enough to glide over the top of it. 

Aimée Drimmelen, lead guitarist and projection maker, answered questions about writing in cabins, the state of the psych scene in Montreal and eating mushrooms at Golden West Music Fest.

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Live Review: Of Clocks and Clouds at Fontana's 

Of Clocks and Clouds played at Fontana's in Chinatown, NY Thursday September 4 (Courtesy of Of Clocks and Clouds)

Of Clocks and Clouds played at Fontana's in Chinatown, NY Thursday September 4 (Courtesy of Of Clocks and Clouds)

Thursday, September 4 Of Clocks and Clouds played to a small crowd at Fontana's in Chinatown, New York.

The band eased the audience into their dark rock, revealed a new track and even covered Black Sabbath. 

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Artist Callout: Brooklyn and NYC bands

A stuffed bear dubbed the Greenpoint Bear sits with one eyeball behind bars in Greenpoint, NY (Photo by Bailey Constas)

A stuffed bear dubbed the Greenpoint Bear sits with one eyeball behind bars in Greenpoint, NY (Photo by Bailey Constas)

Sound in the Static is relocating to Brooklyn until the end of the year, and is going on a mission to hear New York sounds. 

Artists interested in interviews, reviews or video performances, get a hold of us. 

Interview: Ghost Punch on puke-rock, pizza and upcoming album “Mass Sext”

Ghost Punch consists of Adam Taylor, Kate Bennis and Sarah Rogers (Courtesy of Ghost Punch)

Ghost Punch consists of Adam Taylor, Kate Bennis and Sarah Rogers (Courtesy of Ghost Punch)

One fateful night on the way to a roller rink, three friends came together to form puke-rock band, Ghost Punch.

Located in Brooklyn, NY, Kate Bennis, Adam Taylor or as he likes to call himself, “Teaze” and Sarah Rogers find the happy-medium between vomit and garage punk.

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Album Review: Slow Caves

Slow caves pose at Pinball Jones in Fort Collins, Colorado (Photo by  Pete Heacox)

Slow caves pose at Pinball Jones in Fort Collins, Colorado (Photo by Pete Heacox)

Slow Caves are the next young band to come from Northern Colorado, and their youthful potential is apparent in their Slow Caves E.P released June 14th.

They certainly don't lack in ideas, and with the oldest members of the band barely in their 20's, they have plenty of time to find their groove.

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Interview: Savage Sister and their place in the dream spectrum 

Savage Sister's newest release, "Big Moves offers a brief yet complete take on the unique place Savage Sister occupies in the Chicago DIY, dream music scene. 

"It's such an obnoxious term [dreamgaze]...but we want to craft melodies that are essential to the song and not just layers," Tenzer said. "We try to draw elements from all of the dream spectrum of music."

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Interview: Bedroom brings honesty to dreampop

Artwork by Sean Bernhardt

Artwork by Sean Bernhardt

There is a casual, yet deep acceptance of whatever comes to Noah Kittinger. That affect oozes from his dreampop/ambient band, Bedroom. 

Kittinger is an 18-year-old from Nashville, Tennessee with a knack for writing songs that bridge the gap between heartbreak and hope. Bedroom's most recent release Grow, was released May 20 under Furious Hooves, an independent record label in Savannah, Georgia. 

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Interview with Of Clocks And Clouds

Brooklyn born and raised duo, Of Clocks And Clouds, lie somewhere between epic electronic and driving, grounded rock.

They're calling their sound alternative electronic rock on the fence of trip rock. But generalizing OCAC into a specific genre does their unique sound a disservice.

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Interview with Silver Antlers on new album "All a River"

Silver Antlers released it's fourth album "All a River" in February of this year. The hazy, shoegazey album reveals a raw and deeper side of Silver Antlers than previous works.

A very emotionally charged album, Hitchox explains his inspiration, his modest recording set up and making peace. 

"These songs come from a lack of peace, and let's face it, the world is a pretty bleak place with very little peace at the moment. I think a lot of people see that, whether they choose to acknowledge it or not."

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From mother's record collection: 10 best retro vinyl's

Coming home for the holidays I stumbled upon my mom's record collection, so I thought I'd share a few of the best albums and 45's I've found so far.

She has a pretty extensive collection so I haven't gotten through all of them, but  these five full albums and five 45's are a taste of quality vinyl. As a disclosure, she was (still is) really into jazz, Pat Metheny and Hall and Oates. So not much classic rock here folks. 

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Top 10 albums of 2013

Read about the top 10 albums of 2013 according to Sound in the Static.

Which album gave us just the right amount of impending doom, made us believe in beauty again and who led us down a path of satisfying violence? SnS's Includes Speedy Ortiz, Thee Oh Sees, Andrew Bird and more. 

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January Playlist

Dreamy Argentinian disco, African cleansing soul and plenty of fuzzed out garage rock. 

Bring in the new year with international artists like Cinneplexx, Stromae and electronic gems like FYFE and Patricia. 

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December Playlist

This month's playlist is all about female singers, synth with a sprinkling of jazz and hip-hop.

New music from King Tuff, Made In Heights and a whole lot of music that you didn't know you needed until it got cold.  

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November Playlist

November is an awkward and cold month, but that doesn't mean your music has to be. 

The November SnS playlist features new music from a new project from Parquet Quarts - Parkay CourtsBody Cheetah and some new favorites like Young MagicPalace and BLONDES

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October Playlist

A lot of things about October are spooky...

especially how much great music was put out in the last month. New tracks by Sunboy, Baths, Wampire and Of Montreal

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September Playlist

Fall means death to the old.

Forget what you know, and discover new sounds from Ty Segall, Foxygen and Spring King.

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August Playlist

New music from Speedy OrtizSunboyWampire and hidden gems  from the depths of Soundcloud.. 

Slip into a cool summer night or a steaming hot afternoon with new electronic, rock, jangle pop and whatever else they're calling it these days.

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July Playlist

Scorching temperatures means music that you can sweat to.

The July Sound in the Static Playlist cools you down with sweet sounds from SALES, Wye Oak and Cloud Boat and keeps you up after-hours with new music from The Weeknd, Eyedress and xxyyxx. 

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June Playlist

Sound in the Static has put together a playlist to accompany you on your long road trips, nights around a fire or to simply catch you up to speed on all the latest hits.

Including Avi Buffalo, Sharon Van Etten, Sylvan Esso and Andrew Bird or find new favorites like Phox, Bedroom and Ratking. 

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May Playlist

It's not quite summer, but it's definitely not winter anymore.

Spring is a time for change, and ditching your jackets. It's also the time of year heading into the summer festival circuit that artists release new music.  Featuring new sounds by Baths, Real Estate, Tobacco, Sharon Van Etten and Jamie XX, this playlist will accompany getting work done, or the soundtrack to a BBQ. 

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April Playlist

The air is getting lighter, and the inclination to drink beer on your front porch or roof is growing stronger.

Featuring new TobaccoWolf AliceLapsley and Fear of Men, the April Sound in the Static playlist will pair perfectly with an ice cold beverage or an impromptu April shower. 

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March Playlist

An ode to the rainy and cloudy days of March that will bring greener pastures...

New Fear of Men from their upcoming album, new Mac DeMarco, a taste of a member of My Morning Jacket's side Project, Spanish Gold and more hidden gems.  

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February Playlist

Valentine or not, the February Sound in the Static playlist will pull your heart strings and keep you musically sound.

It begins with a song from Animal Collective's Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks and continues on to some U.K. sweethearts like Cate Le Bon and Fear of Mean. There's a hint of Brooklyn sounds like Voices of Black and a dip into Seattle with Chad VanGaalen. 

A dip into stable and calming beats, this playlist will make any month jealous of February.

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January playlist

After all the holidays are over, it might seem like a gloomy time. But new music releases are right around the corner.

With a taste of upcoming and newly released albums along with some recently discovered music, this playlist is sure to bring you deep into a darkwave wintery depression and then pull you out with a  synthpop edge. 

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NYE playlist

SnS put together the best under-the-radar songs of 2013 to ring in your new year.

Everything from synth-pop, hip-hop and indie rock will make sure whether you're hosting a party, flying in an airplane or whatever else you do on'll be to a good soundtrack.

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